A New Year, A New You!

January was prickly wasn’t it? Well, the year is still new enough to try something new in your life to make a change you want to see. So, get a planner, notebook or a scrap of paper and write down something you want to see in your life to experience or live, the next time January comes around. Get ready for a new you in 2012 or maybe just next month.

The only way you are really going to achieve true happiness is if you are happy with yourself so start chipping away at yourself to create a most beautifully sculptured life or just start something new like learning a new instrument, taking a class at a nearby community college or simply getting a CranioSacral Treatment which is effortless on your part, but a profound changing experience.

Only you can make the change you want to see in your world.  Start today by following the steps below.  I know you can do it!  First consider that for something to be truly lasting consists more of what we can feel than what our eyes can see.  It’s deep.   Go for it!

Choose a goal in mind that will actually change your life, but that is  reasonable.  You will be surprised how little actions or just changing your mind can change a life.   Start now with the following steps:

1.  With your paper and pen in hand write down what and where in your life you want to see a change.

2.  Write what actions or thing you believe can make this change.

3.  Challenge your mind and think hard until something else comes up in your mind that can change this.

4.  Choose one item from either #2 or #3 that you can do yourself and is only dependent on yourself.

5.  Make a list with #4 as the heading and start numbering starting with 1, with all the things that have to happen in order to reach your goal.

Once you have done this start immediately gearing up your mind to take your to do list (item #5 above) and commit yourself to accomplishing all items to your end goal.  Keep your to do list on your fridge or any private space that you can see daily.  Take another little pad or piece of paper and write down the first item on your list and then under that write what you need to do to accomplish that item.  Start working, stick to it and don’t go to item 2 until item 1 is completely accomplished and you can honestly cross it off.  Keep doing this until you reach your goal.  Don’t worry about the time, just make sure you do everything on your to do list.

You will be very happy at the completion of your goal.  Just make sure what you choose to do, does not affect others negatively or bring harm.  If you would like help, you can check out Meditation services and it will help you clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and keeping focused.  Good Luck!

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