Avoiding The MooMoo Switch

Yamil and Kelly exhibiting at the OB Healthy Fair 051411

Me and my friend Kelly at the OB Health Fair May, 2011

Talking to a girlfriend of mine last week about how much weight I had gained in the last two years and how I was pushing the limits of a size Large, she remarked that it was the “MooMoo Switch”. I had never heard of that before and I didn’t get it at first, but she explained that it was that time where one perpetually wears stretchy pants and big shirts before there is no recourse but to buy the bigger size.


I thought it was funny and cute, but later on, the horror of looking like a cow hit me hard and I was compelled to take action and retract from the MooMoo Switch. I did a review of what got me to being thirty pounds overweight and why. Although I never completely stopped doing exercise, I did an about face and put myself on track to increased exercise and following through with a more focused conscious path to eating for healthy weight loss.

I invite you to follow me as I share my recipes, workout routines, and more to either help yourself on your path to a healthy weight for your body type or to let me know your tips to help me on my path with inspiration or tips for success. The picture to the left is my friend Kelly, Registered Nurse and CranioSacral Therapist and me, the author of this blog. Take a good look so you can see transformation before your eyes.

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