Job’s Tears Fat Burning Salad

Health salad ingredientsThis salad is a really great food to help you loose weight or to simply help you have a healthy body and the ingredients are full of rich nutrients and minerals.  It’s main ingredient, Job’s Tears a type of barley, is called yi yi ren in Chinese.  Yi yi ren is used often in chinese herbal formulas to help reduce dampness in the body which causes swollen joints as well as disharmonies of the digestive system and more.  The other excellent ingredient that really helps to break down fat in the body is Daikon radish.  Daikon is also rich in vitamin c, B6 and has many flavenoid antioxidants.  Cilantro helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and is loaded with vitamin A and minerals. Sesame seed oil is high in linoleic acid one of the two essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that our bodies can not produce.  There is medical research out of Japan that indicates that sesame seed oil lowers cholesterol and is beneficial to the heart and kidneys. Lemon and vinegar are both good to alkalize our blood which is a good thing to balance our pH levels.  Usually we tend to be more acidic.  This is really really a great food to eat regularly.  Diakon radish is a bit pungent so feel free to use a little or as much as you want of it, but when everything is mixed together all the flavors blend beautifully and knowing that you are eating for your health feels great!

Job’s Tears (yi yi ren) Health Salad

1 c. Job’s Tears

1 medium Diacon radish (shredded)

½ diced onion (small)

1 lemon (juice)

salt or soy sauce to taste

pepper to taste

2 to 4 tbs. rice vinegar

toasted sesame oil

chopped Cilantro

Preparation:  Bring to boil two quarts of water and pour in the Job’s Tears.  Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes or so, until the grain is tender.  Drain and collect the water for regular drinking.  It is good for your body and also if you have problems with digestion.  Keep refrigerated.  Put cooked Job’s Tears in a large bowl and put in the chopped ingredients of above items as well as the lemon juice, toasted sesame oil and other condiments.  Mix thoroughly and enjoy.  Keep refrigerated.  It will keep for one week, but eat every day to feel the benefits.




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